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Hi, I recently visited HP's web site and they have a feature to e-mail the president(of HP, NOT Clinton). Anyway I sent off an e-mail expressing my disappointment with HP's current RPN calculator offerings and the lack of RPN on their handheld and PDA's. I received a phone call from HP's calculator division assuring me that the HP32 and HP48 were fine examples of RPN machines. I told him that these two machines were not what I was looking for. I don't need graphical capability (for which I can use my laptop), but a small calculator for engineering use. HP should be able to make things smaller - not larger. I suggested that he inform HP's marketing people to look at e-bay and see what HP11C's and HP15C's are selling for, and also to visit forums such as this! regards, Robert


I certainly hope those HP calc marketing people take Robert's suggestion. Cheers - John


The size of the calculater should be that of the 42S with the capabilities of the 48! Connectable to the PC. Option for ramcards would be nice; those things don't need to be bigger than 1 cm^2 (as a small chipcard) The display should have 3 lines in stead of 2. GO FOR IT!!!!


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