Ebay con


How's this for a rip off!


YAH That's a funny one.

"NUTBOY" LOL what a handle.
Get any item you want for free.

I sent him a seller question, asked him if he was crazy.

- Norm


I suspect. I'd suggest that everyone send complaints to eBay and I bet he's gone within days.

eBay specifically states you cannot use ebay auctions to steer people to items outside ebay.

Also, if he posts more than 10 identical auctions, he is in violation of eBay rules. Simply doctoring the title to sell the same thing does not get around that.

Finally, if he lists items in the subject, "that he is not selling in the actual auction" that is KEYWORD SPAMMING. So he can be bounced for that.

I suggest people complain and he will be removed.


Why is it a violation of eBay rules to
post more than 10 identical auctions.

Is that all at the same time (parallel)
or one after another (serial).

I mean,what if I had a whole palletload
of HP-41C's new-in-box and it had
sat in a warehouse 20 years. Maybe
theres 50 calculators. If I sold them
one at a time over 2 years did I violate
eBay rules ???

Just trying to broaden my knowledge appreciate
any reply.

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