My 18C has s/n 2638A37459...


My 18C has s/n 2638A37459 ,
which is even somewhat earlier.







In great shape.


You won!

Hmm, we could make a little conntest of lowest serial numbers. Below I mention my calcs with s/n equal or even earlier than in the museum list (

HP-17B: 2747A00651
HP-17B: 2801A00457
HP-20S: 2831A16267
HP-33E: 1814A13665
HP-35: 1302S50202 (T3, common s/n front part)
HP-45: 1301S13542 (common s/n front part)
HP-48SX: 3003A00131
HP-80: 1247A45830 (common s/n front part)

Those with remark '(common s/n front part)' usually have printed date code, and a stamped 5-digit number after the country code. AFAIK all of those models have a printed date code, so here the rightmost five digits count.



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