Hp41CX interfacing


I have a HP41CX along with a HP-IL module #82160A and an HP-IL/Rs232 interface I picked up at a garage sale recently. I would like to know if anyone knows how to send and receive files to and from the PC and what commands to use. All items seem to be working.


If you have (or can get) an extended IO module, the commands OUTP and INP allow you to dump a program in the internal tokenised format to and from your PC via the RS232 interface.

There's no fancy protocol here, and you have to set up the PC (or whatever) to be ready to receive or to send at the right time.

Without the extended IO module, and with the printer switch on the bottom of the IL module set to enable, a PRP will allow you to dump a program in ascii through the RS232 interface.

There's no easy way of reading a program in ascii.


Just a question, how much did you pay for your outfit at the garage sale? Randy


I purchased all three items for $10.00, I thought it was a good deal.


I would say that was a good price too! My best deal was a 42S at a pawn shop for $20. Randy

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