How to open an HP 28S


Can Anyone tell me how to open an HP28S?

I am considering to use a hammer ;)

Thanks in Advance



Hello, my friend; where have you been? Such a long time we do not "read" from you...

Look at the top surface area over the LCD display. There is a label over there with the HP logo and the calculator's name. If you (carefully) remove it you'll see many (about eight, if I am not wrong) plastic thermal rivets. You have to find a way to unlock them to lift the upper cover.

I have a photograph with an "exploded" (not assembled) HP28S. As I find it I'm sending it to you.

Best regards (some não, meu!)

Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil


Hi Luiz,

could you send me the photo(s), too?

Thanks in advance.




Luiz meu chapa.

How u doing meu velho??

thanks for the helping hand ( or should I say helping letters)

I'll try it carefully

valeu bro e thanks de novo



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