HP34C case


This is mainly for Luis. Could you post the photograph of the case assembly for HP34C. I've looked in the archives and I've can read the article but the photograph is not available in the article.
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Thank you.


About taking apart the HP-34C (spice series) case.

My two bits are one, and zero. ha ha.

Seriously, the dental-floss idea sounds promising
though I haven't tried it.

The single most important tool, for sure, is to understand
mechanically what it really is, in order to
be able to separate the two halves. Not understanding it
will only cause breakage of the plastic.

LASTLY I would like to suggest to anybody about this
topic that a calculator can, and should, be ever so
slightly trimmed. Just take away 5 thousandths of
an inch with the X-acto knife, so that it will separate
a little easier for subsequent take-aparts.
I found all points of trimming the plastic are on the bottom-half.

I hope these comments are useful.

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