Need instructions for HHP 32k Eprom box


I need the setup instructions for the HHP 32k ERPOM box. That's the card reader sized box. Does anyone have them?



I too have one of these without instructions.

If I manage to get any, I'll keep you in mind.

PLEEEEEZE -- there must be someone out there with instructions.


Could you be more specific about what this box is? I have a n HP Eprom simulator for the HP75, and the instructions that go with it. Is this what you are talking about?


This is a box that was made out of card reader case. Inside it can hold up to 32k of programs in STANDARD EPROMs. The whole thing plugs onto a HP 41 just like the regular card reader. This was made by HHP (Hand held Products) and replaced their older 16k EPROM box that connected to the HP 41 via a cable similar to the one used on the 82143 printer.


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