Disintegration of vinyl case


I have not used my 33-E for about six months and when I opened the vinyl case today I found the inside of the case is in the process of disintegrating. This has shed a black dusty deposit all over the calculator.

Question - is this disintegration common, and any ideas what causes it happen? The calculator is normally stored in a cool dry place.



The same thing is happening to my 41CV case. Disintagrating inside and producing black dust, so I have stopped using that one. It was like that when I bought it 6 months ago. I guess it is caused by damp, or maybe inappropriate washing, but I'm not sure.


This is very common. The backing to the lining turns to dust. Just take the case and toss it in the washing machine. Then prop open the case and let it air dry. In tough cases you may have to wash a second time.


One of my HP-41 soft cases shows the same black dust.

How many degrees (Celsius) can the case handle,
if put in the washing machine?
Or is 30 degrees Celsius sufficient?


Did anybody ever compare the size of a 41C to
a 48G+ ? Long shot, but maybe a 41C would fit
into the case that is sold for a 48G+ or a 49.

Then a person could probably buy a brand-new
case from spare parts. But I dont know if it would fit.


The 41c+card reader is the same size as the 48g, so the cases can be used for either.




Just add a big spring!


I'm pretty sure 30C would be fine. I set my washing machine to HOT, but tend to keep the house water heater set fairly low compared to most people... I don't like the idea of people being able to scald themselves... but still need to dial in cold water to take a comfy shower.

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