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I own several 48gx and 48sx calculators because of the expansion ports that allow me to install commercial software. But I have never seen in person a 48g or 48s. Are these models noticeably thinner due to the absence of the expansion ports? For me the biggest detractor to the hp48 is the size of the calculator. I would like to see a Pioneer size calculator that accepted MMC or SD memory cards put on the market by HP.



despite of the fact the HP48G/G+ and the HP48S have no expansion ports, they keep the same thickness observed in their "sisters". The only visible difference, except for the logo, is that the front port cover is replaced bi a single, not removalble IR lens. I have an HP48SX and two HP48G.

Hope this is the answer you're looking for.

Best regards.

Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil


I don't wish my 48's to shrink down to Pioneer size but I wish that the cases for them has belt loop so I can wear them like the old classic. I have an SX and a GX. I like the case that came with the SX better but still now belt loop.


Although not too many people wear calculators on their belts any more...

You probably don't care what other people think though, do you? Just don't wear it while looking for a date and you'll do OK. ;)




I am not sure about others concerns for using or not, but I do not "wear" calculator cases with belt loops anymore because with a small cutting device (knife) they are easily "removed" (stolen) when you're surrounded by people. Also, there are two minor reasons: the belt loop itself getting rough because fo the continuous moviment, and the external exposure, say, all sorts of objects can smash your your calculator if you are transporting it in a case with loop belt, or even whip it out of your belt.

There was a time when only the two minor reasons were significant... and this I miss.

Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil


The best case for any 48 is the one made for a 41. It is very well made, with a zipper, fits nicely and has a sturdy belt loop! I appreciate a loop for field use, not for the street...


I agree. My son puts his 48GX into his 48CV case when he takes his 48 to school, although he keeps them in their own proper cases at home. I've done the same a few times myself at work.


Wayne, you said "48CV case". You probably meant "41CV case"?


Yes, I meant "41CV." That's what I get for posting early in the morning, before I'm awake... :-)

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