HP-39 Backup/Restore?


Does the HP-39 have any way to back-up to computer the Programs/Applets, etc. that are in memory. I realize that this can be done one file at a time -- but how does one do it all at once? I know that HP-48GX has a BACKUP/RESTORE capability as long ago I had a HP-48GX. And at current pricing of $135 on HP Shop Online it might be worth getting again -- or should I wait and see what comes from HP later this year.


I think you can backup a 39 using the HPGComm tools. Take a look at the HP 39/40 stuff on the hpcalc.org site. I haven't tried it myself, but the 39G does have a serial port (same connector as the 49G) and I know that new software can be uploaded to it, so it makes sense that it would work.


Since HP will still be subcontracting new calcs, I do not feel at all confident that they will be able to return to the quality which they were famous for up to the 48 series.

I keep hoping that they will, but it seems unlikely!

So get a 48GX and then see what happens in the future. You won't loose out.

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