I just received a HP49G


But I'm really not impressed. It looks just like a TI. I feel HP has lost it's sense of direction. I mean I'm no expert, but I own a 41C, 41CV, 41CX, 32SII, and 2 HP42S, and now a HP49G. The best calculator by far is the 42 series. I mean if HP would just increase memory to 32Kb and make it able to receive IR, they would have a Killer Calculator.And they can even call it the 42G. But I feel someone needs to advise their advisors. Anyway that's the way I feel.

Happy new year to everyone.


Well, it does depend on the market your looking for...

The 28c & on with "symbolic" operations are pretty useless outside an education environment.

The graphical calcs are aimed at education markets as a lower cost alternative to PC based software.

Why they can't build a 42 with I/O and more memory is beyond my feable reasoning. It seems so obvious that it sickens you to know a truly excellent solution should be so easy to craft, design and market.....

Oh well, guess we move to PDA based software solutions or continue to use the older units.


The knobs on the keyboard are made of some type of rubber. Sometimes i press one key and it doesn't register, very unlike the 42S or even the 48 series which has a springy feel. HP claims it to be at least 10 times as fast. That's a lot of B---, as far as I am concerned. It takes much longer than a 48 series to type in and display certain modes and functions. The manual that comes with this book is totally useless. I really feel that Hp looks like they want to get out of the calculator line, and more into computers. If you feel the manuals that came with the 48G were useless, this is even more so. And lastly, I am a surveyor, this calculator weighs a Ton. I mean carrying around a 42S and a 49G in a pocket are two totally different things. This things feels like if it falls it'll totally disintingrate into pieces. Gone are the good old days when a pocket calculator could have fit in your pocket. Well that's just my views. Maybe when I learn how to program it I might change my mind.


The keys leave a lot to be desired, you can turn on a beep each time a key is pressed, this does help a bit to assure an entry was made. HP obviously abandoned the idea of developing new calcs and the 49G is a 48 series with different skins ( & mabe a hyped up CAS system ). The education market where TI plays relies on selling a new calc to each class of kids going through school. HP just is slow to address this market niche. As far as addressing the needs or wants of practicing professionals we can just hope HP can catch up. It really shouldn't be hard to develop a 42S based calc with I/O capabilities (& mabe more memory). Calcs do not have to be fast or process text & large amounts of data.

On the other hand... The 48/49 series is a very open system and very powerful system and I need to applaud the development of it. There is a ton of supporting software and applications developed for it. there is absolutly no comparison in the TI area.


You are right. The HP 49G is shit. An HPer told me HP now owns most of TI. The 6S Solar is the same as the TI -34, chips and all.

This happened since HP owns TI !

A shame. Yes I wish there was a New HP 42 type calculator.


I agree completely. I work in process control at a large gold mill and use calculators regularly. I don't need a high power graphing calculator, it's easier to use a spreadsheet for that. What I need is a 42s with i/o and more memory. I use a 41CX and a 71B primarily, despite their age, because I haven't really found anything better. If I wanted a calculator today with all the bells and whistles, I'd seriously look at a TI-92+ for "coolness quotient" or a TI-89 and the CBL for convenience to have around the workbench. What I'll probably get one of these days is a HP-48SX off eBay or here to keep the look and feel that I am used to with a little more speed.


Get a 48GX, better screen, more software & a bit faster.... Just my recommendation if you buy a graphical unit...

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