Museum pictures on a auction




I'd appreciate it if someone who understands the site could send a message requesting that the source be credited. I couldn't figure out how to do it.


Hello Mr. Hicks,

its not just the foreign auction of the 42S.
There is a 2nd auction (34C) that also has posted MoHPC images.

If you go upwards a few posts, you'll see I've
mentioned an "auction not quite correct" using
your 34C pictures, w/o explaining that the pictures
ARE NOT the calculator being auctioned.

That was true as of today in the AM. I could imagine that
since me and others have queried the seller, he'll
probably modify his auction page.



I went to the site and figured the following

Este produto está violando a política do MercadoLivre? Por favor, nos informe:

means something like "Is this product a violation of the policies of Mercadolivre? Please inform us at: ..."

I sent a message indicating that the pictures were taken without permission from the MoHPC web site, and that if they are to be used, proper acknowledgement should be made.

Their response (there was indeed a response!) is:

Obrigado por nos informar sobre este produto.

Nossa equipe de Políticas & Regras investigará esse caso o mais rápido possível, e tomará as medidas necessárias. Agradecemos por sua preocupação em tornar nossa comunidade cada vez mais segura.

Se tiver interesse em conhecer mais sobre as políticas para cadastramento de produtos no, lhe convidamos a visitar nossa página do MercadoSeguro, clique aqui.


Equipe de Políticas & Regras
Onde você compra e vende de tudo!

I don't know Portugese (that is the language of Brazil, right?), but the Google translation service gives:

Debtor for in informing them on this product. Our team of Politics & Rules will investigate the this in case that fastest possible, and will take the measures necessary. We are thankful for its concern in becoming our community more each time insurance. If it will have interest in knowing more on the politics for cadastre of products in the, we invite to it to visit our page of the MercadoSeguro, click here. Yours truly, Team of Politics & Rules Where you purchase and vende of everything!

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