How much would an HP-35 cost in today's dollars?


According to the American Institute for Economic Research

It would cost $1,745.45. (Assuming a $400 price in 1972)

Wow. I should be happy to get one on eBay for $100. I should be doubly happy to have gotten a 48G for $40. That certainly puts in perspective how spoiled we are now, doesn't it?


#5 hp9100 would cost ~$24,000 today.


and if your only other choice today was to do your job with a curta and a book of trig tables; $1700 would look like a bargin. i can see myself in that alternate universe. i'd hold out till 2004 to get the hp 45. it will have polar/rectangular conversions! it just can't get any better than that, can it?.

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