HP-26 Prototype Found


I have sent a picture of a rare prototype HP-26 I found, particularly relevent to the discussions a while ago about a minimal function HP...

I emailed the pic to Dave as I am not able to host it here, so I hope he inserts it in this message for you.


In fact I worked on the "simplification team" on this one.


Post mine aswell and let the jury decide which they would buy....


If that wasn't an April Fools joke, you picked the wrong day for your urgent request to me to post it ;-)


...of course it was an April fool...
but my version was never posted!...sob... :-(



Is this another HP 67CX for April 2003 ;-)



No, it isn't. Judging by its features, it ought to be called an HP-00!



Hey, a minimal calculator!

(So what happened, ENTER wouldn't fit?)

- Michael


Nice.... but the exponential display would never happen... not on an 'ole 4-banger!


Y E C C C H !!!

I'll bet Messrs. Hewlett and Packard are turning in their graves!

Have you taken your Valium recently, Dave? 8^)



Hi Dave,

nice thing!

Soemhow reminds me of an old CBM 'RPN-like' calculator,
the Minuteman 6* (6X*).




What's hard to see in this picture is that each key rotates on it's own axis and actually has EIGHT surfaces! There are all kinds of wonderful functions on those other surfaces!!!


Why does it have a CLX key? This machine is cleared by turning it over and shaking.


but at least mine was believable ....?


And wouldn't you know it, some daring collector has put one up for auction on eBay. Bidding is up to $5364.01 and there's six days left on the auction! When will the madness end!



Bidding is up to $5364.01???

It's closed at $31 with no retractions or cancellations. What's with the $5364?


I think you all should know that the curator of this museum has decided to censor a Forum submission by adding an = key to a rare and valuable Woodstock.

Has he had a lobotomy???



Wonderfull Prototype. With 16 keys a good name for this machine is HP-16.

It seems like another wonderful RPN machine: the National Semiconductor 600 (http://www.teclas.org/img/NationalSemiconductor_600_01.jpg), but with better quality.

The NS-600 + key has also the ENTER function (there is no need to print on it an = )

OFFTOPIC: Anybody knows any electronic calculator with less keys?.


Try thin one:


Adds and subtracts - no ENTER key !

Regards, Joerg


The Mathbox has one key less,
and is still a fully functional four-banger.
Too bad it has terribly low quality keys...



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