HP-94E Printing


Has anyone ever successfully connected a printer to the HP-94?

I have several running HP-94s with inventory application software that supports printing. I would like to use the application to keep an inventory of my HP calculators. Application is really for data entry and not display. Therefore I would like to print.

What printer was usually connected? Any info on connecting this or another printer?

Also application supports downloading of data through the a modem connection. Any information?




Printing from the 94 is entirely application specific. I would assume that your application requires a serial printer connection since there is no built-in firmware for any other printer communication scheme. The default serial port communication speed for the 94 is 9600 baud, even parity, 7 data bits, 1 stop bit. If the application is in BASIC it will automatically set this when BASIC starts (unless it's changed in the application). If it's not in BASIC, you can set this from the startup prompt by entering 'B1.6' (The 1 indicates 9600 baud, the 6 indicates the other parameters, there's a table in the manual showing all the possibilities.)

But the logic levels are non-standard and may need level conversion to work with your printer. The 94 outputs 0 and 5 volts as the mark and space, the add-on level converter shifts these to -9 volts and +9 volts. Many PC's can handle the 0-5 levell okay but I don't know if most printers can, so you might have to do something about that.

Modem connections have exactly the same issues.

I'd love to get a copy of that software if you have it available. If you can send that to me I'll instrall it on one of my 94's and work on getting the printing going.


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