71b bug list


I am looking for a 71b buglist, in particular for rom version 1bbbb. I have all of Jake Schwartz's CD's so if there was a bug list published in PPC or Datafile, please post the reference.




Joe Horn may have had such a list. His "Titan File" was always very helpful with the 71B.


Have a look at John R. Baker's article (John is Ex-PPC
member #618) featured in CHHU Chronicle, V2N2, March 1985, Page 25. There he states that there are over 50 bugs in the HP-71B ver. 1BBBB ROMs and describes several of the very worst.


Although there may have a lot of bugs in the 1BBBB version (I don't have a full list), few are serious problems. Many are related to stack overflow (--> Memory Lost, because address 0 is the cold start entry point!) in complex expression involving UDF (User Defined Function like DEF FNF(X)=...).


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