New HP Calculator


During the weekend I had a chance for exclusive test of a new HP calculator called HP-33ZX.

Just look at the images ...



Happy Birthday ?!?!?

What was that grey made of?



Thanks, Massimo :-)

I think it is just a simple cream with a little strange color ... but the inside was full of strawberries :-)


Two weeks ago, when I scored 10 years more than yours, my wife was not witty enough to cook such a cake... :(

I'd prefer a black chocolate 41 though ;)

Massimo (the envious)


Massimo, that would be a chocolate and NUTs ? Then your wife would be really supportive.



Hey, Hrast;

Happy birthday!

I think this is the best way to celebrate... and with the best ones (at home) who acknowledge such a great day!

(are you 33 Y.O.?)

Best wishes!

Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil


Congratulations ! Both for the birthday, and for a great, humorous and supportive family.



Rumors of the HP - Sara Lee merger are apparently true.


Happy Birthday!

As for the new calculator, I hope that what it lacks in "durability" it makes up for in "taste!" :^)


HP/Compaq Marketing-Type: "We need AOS -- if you want to add RPN, well that'll just be frosting on the cake."

Rookie HP/Compaq Engineer (all the experienced calculator people have been let go): "I understand. We'll have a mockup in two weeks . . . "

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