HP-35 Battery Door Repair


I am restoring an HP-35, and need a suggestion on repairing the battery door. One of the sliding tabs is broken, so that it does not protrude into the case and latch the door on that side. Any suggestions on repairing or replacing the tab?


If you have the piece that broke off, you can rebond it using a plastic welding solvent that melts the plastic. You brush it on each side of the joint and quickly press the pieces together. Then wait 24 hours before putting any stress on it. The solvent contains methylene chloride (dichloromethane) and is available in small bottles at most hobby shops. Hobbytown carrys the Tenax brand.


I'm pretty sure they are identical. It might be a very expensive part though.

I don't think a repaired part would hold up.



If the plastic weld is done well, it holds up just as good as new. No adhesive will hold though.

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