HP67-Card Reader


Well - I've replaced the "gummy wheel" and the card pulls through OK.
I've replaced the three capacitors but still I get the message "error" when I read a card. I don't get that message when I write to a card but I have no way to test if it is actually writing to the card.
I'm at a loss to figure out what to do next.
Can anybody help.
Do the actual magnetic heads become worn? If they do are they the standard ones that are found in battery operated tape recorders? They look very similar.
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Have you cleaned the heads with 91% isopropyl alcohol? Also use the red colored head cleaning card. Also you might try demagnetizing the heads with a tape head demagnetizer.

Also check the head continuity. There are two windings. They should measure around 40 ohms. The black wire should measure zero ohms to the metal head case.

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