Prototype HP 71s - any other here ?



I just received a prototype HP-71B (bought on eBay) My prototype 71 has the following VER$ string (without other Lexfiles in the machine): "TI%RM4-HP71:0AAAA"

There are 2 4k RAMs with no labeling (also prototype). They are darker and made of another color plastic (almost black).

The 71 doesn't have the FCC label on the Backside. The serial no. is 0000A00022. There are 3 screws in the bottom of my 71 (near the HP-IL module slot), that I use for normal work. These screws are not present in the prototype. In the card reader port of my "work" HP-71B is a sticker, not to touch the contacts inside. (a finger that touches the contacts). The prototype doesn't have this sticker

It looks almost unused (a few very light scratches on the brushed aluminium)

Are there any others of this series out there? Does anybody know something about the ROM version "0AAAA" ? What errors did they have ?

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