old photo with hp logo or name


Hi. I know this probably isn't the place for this, but I'm looking for old photos (like 40's, 50's) that includes the HP name or logo. they need to be 800x600 or better so I can transfer them to video with good quality. Anyway, thanks for the help.

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While we are on the subject, can someone with an HP 19C please take a close up picture of the hp logo on the decimal dot.

I used to own an 19C and I remember freaking out when I noticed that.

I think that it would also make a worthy addition to the MoHPC web site.



That's a tough picture to take without a really good closeup lens. But here's my best attempt so far with a magnifying glass and a junky digital camera.



For a "junky" camera, that's a pretty good shot!


It's an old 1.3 megapixel Olympus camera. It's the use of a tiny 10x magnifying glass positioned on short price of tubing that allowed me to focus really close to it. The pciture greatly exaggerates the size of the decimal point relative to the digits -- which the camera alone was unable to give a sharp focus on.


Are there any other machines that have this feature? Surely that same display must have been used in other machines, the 29C perhaps?


Just the HP-10(A). Curiously, one of the 19C's that I have deosn't have the "hp" on it's decimal points. I wonder how many of them they made without it and whether any of the 10's were made without the "hp" too.



Half of the 19C displays I have don't have the "hp" decimal point. Fortunately, I used the parts from 4 to make 2 functional 19C's. So, I have a couple of displays like the one you found...




I've got 2 out of 3 19C's with the "HP" on the decimal points and 1 out of 1 HP-10 with the "HP".

The serial number prefixes are:

1803S - has "HP"
1802A - has "HP"
1905S - no

1804S - has "HP"

Could it be that the later model's don't have the "HP"?
Perhaps we can collectively figure this out.



My 19c has a S/N of 1712A and no HP in decimal point.


HP-10A 1808S... and HP-19C 1801S... both with "hp" on decimal point.





Who's lurking out there? (as if I didn't know)
Nice Pictures!
How did you get that close in and stay in focus?



<Who's lurking out there? (as if I didn't know)>

It's just another HP-calculator collector.

<How did you get that close in and stay in focus?>

The camera was triggered by a timer and fixed on a microscope.

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