$510 and counting





what bugs me is the seller has no feedback. that's not to cast aspersions on this seller, but let me tell you a story.

last year, i bid around $450 for a supposedly mint hp65 box, manuals everything. there's no way im sending that kind of cash to a seller ive never dealt with before. this seller was based some miles away so i arranged to collect and pay cash. the seller mysteriously disappeared on learning this making a succession of excuses.

these high prices will attract now more and more frauds. beware.


AFAIK the seller (december...) is well known for the NOS 41CX's. I have one of these units, and it's really NEW old stock. Only the box has some shelf wear.



I mixed up threads because the price of the 41CX and the HP-65 was both $510...




Ahh, I was wondering where Mr Oil has been lately. For a while there he was placing some rather outrageous bids on some HP calculators that were not in the best of condition.

But nice fully accessorized HP65 units do regularly fetch in the $375-$400 range. Add in the Keynotes, etc and you are not that far off from being reasonable at $500. It does look like the label corners have been peeled back at one time (reader rebulit?).


Mr Oil was not lucky this time; out of practice?!. I've got my HP-65 (complete, with a terrific serial no.) for free :-)))

But I must admit: if I would have 600 bucks left at the end of the month, I probably would spend it for HP calcs ;-)

Have a nice week,

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