Even More Uncredited MoHPC Pictures on EBAY


HP 11C on EBay with Uncredited MoHPC Pics!



It does have the 'MoHPC' logo in the lower left of the field.

By the way, I don't think many of us are shocked that people are doing that. The pix of these calcs on this site are great pictures of excellent samples of the breed. If I were selling a mint vintage HP, I would ask for Dave's permission to use his pic, along with a note that the pic is from MoHPC and that the pic is not the actual one I'm selling. I bet he would grant permission, too.

In the future, I think that if I see that, I will just report it to Dave and let him take whatever action he thinks is necessary. He seems like a laid-back type of guy...

There is a owner of a watch forum I frequent that puts his emblem right on the picture. He manages to place it such that it can't be easily cropped out, but usually doesn't interfere too much with the picture. It does interfere a bit though. His logo suggests that if the guy was willing to steal his picture, he was probably also willing to steal the watch he's selling... ;) A nice touch.



Only the angled view has the MoHPC on the picture. But the front view that everyone is looking at doesn't have the "stamp". I think these type auctions are VERY misleading, especially to Ebay newcomers.


I wonder if there might be a way to embed a "time bomb" in the image somehow, perhaps with an animated GIF... so that if the picture isn't updated by a top-secret program running on Dave's site at least once every 24 hours, it would display "This picture was stolen from MoHPC!!!" in big bold letters across the image. :-)

(See http://ars.userfriendly.org/cartoons/?id=20030324&mode=classic for an example of a GIF that changes automatically after a set time period, in this case 25 seconds. It's actually a part of the image, because if you download a copy to your own PC, it still works even without a connection to the Web site.)


The biggest problem I had with this ad (aside from the fact that the pictures were uncredited) was that the seller failed to mention that these are not pictures of the actual item.

The seller says item is "near mint" yet shows pictures of a "mint" unit. That could be a big problem for the buyer, if he/she expected to receive a unit that looked like the one pictured.





He has added something now.

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