I picked up my 32SII today! Joy.


I just got back from the Post Office to pick this up. There are some great things about it and some others that are not so great.

1. Nice keyboard layout
2. Conversion features are so easy and accessible! Nice.
3. Easy to read dot-matrix display

1. Viewing angle on display is a bit finnicky. compared to my 48G, you have to get it right. Fortunately, most of the time it just happens. Maybe they knew what they were doing after all...
2. No manual. Can anyone help me with this? Maybe lend me yours to photocopy and return to you? Possibly send me an electronic copy or a link to where I might find one? I checked HPs site, and they don't have it in English; only Spanish and some other language. (That is part of how I got it for the bargain price of $130.)
3. The case is not held together with screws. After I got my hp 45, I was under the impression that HPs were well built and meant to be serviced, if necessary. Then I got my 48G. No screws, and reading articles about having to slice through plastic posts to take it apart without bending the aluminum front panel was disappointing. Now, I have the 32SII, and it is the same story. A snap-together chassis, and if you haven't had one apart before, you will have to guess as to how to do it without damaging things.

I can't be sure of anything at this point, but I think that all of my future HPs will be older LED models. When I was working on my HP 45, I really appreciated how nicely everything was made and how easy it was to get to things. I'm afraid that is not so with the newer models. :(

In the meantime, fear not! I will give you more impressions as I learn more about it. I'm sure you're all waiting with baited breath, right? ;)



Manual is on Ebay for $25 buy it now.




I have purchased a few different manuals from the Ebay seller that you mentioned and they were brand new in the shrink wrap and rather reasonably priced.


Like the other guy said, the LED classics are more pleasant and easy to work with. You have to own a few of the new ones as well as a few classics, for comparison purposes.
I've been comparing 34C to 32S and 32Sii to see just how exactly the keystrokes are different to do things. How is the panel different. Then you start to see where the mistakes were made on the newer "cereal box" models.

By comparing them, you can see that the earlier units were really brilliantly and individualistically prepared, w/o the foul smell of a bureaucracy. And that is why they are so endearing. I made a grand sweeping entrance to this HP Museum chat board by declaring the corporation should be making the 34C EXACTLY as it was before, factory new, sold as such to those with wit & wisdom enough to buy it. No, I don't mean to discourage those who want a 41C or a ______ or a graphing calculator, but I say the market for such a charming thing as a 34C is still there to this day.

And though that idea may seem unreasonable, this other guy comparing 32Sii to the older units may see where I am coming from.


hold down "on" and then press "+" or "-" to change contrast/viewing angle.

Enjoy your new calc, but try to get a manual!

Even though its not an LED display, you should try the 41C/CV/CX. They are very nice calculators. Get the CX if you have a chance.

Dan M



I tried to email a pdf of the manual (8.55 MB) and your email server rejected it because it is too big. Any thoughts?



...my work address? I have sent it to your email. (Not that I don't trust the rest of you, but I don't want that address to be harvested for SPAM by unwelcome visitors)

I would have just bought a manual on eBay, but I can't really afford it right now. (spent the money on too many HPs, hehehehe)

Thanks a lot for your efforts.



may i have a copy too? i have contacted you through email.


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