What programs does the survey module B have.


for the 41C series. i have never seen one of these.


All kinds of neat surveying programs such as coordinate geometry, end area volumes, vertical and horizontal curves, much much more. You know a REAL surveyor should he have one of these, keep the 48 in the data collector mode and give me a 41 with the survey module any day. Dave


i heard about a second survey module that was under development by hp way back when they made real machines. but it was never marketed. there are supposed to be a couple floating around and i almost got to play with one once but.... ive got some good use out of my old co-op 41 module; put 140 & 170 point traverses through it and it worked real good. i even wrote a "corner angle" prgm for checking that ran using the chips subrouines. but as dave says; i use the tds 48 (the devils tool) a lot. the latest version ALMOST does what tds said it would do when they brought it out 10 years ago.

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