HP-10C War Prices ?


Reminds me of the early days of Ebay, I Love It ! ..

HP-10C with book for only $14.99


It took someone only an hour and a half to find that one.

I'm all for low prices, but the seller know what he had on his hands??? A one-minute "completed auctions" search would have pulled out a $244 10C. His other auctions show a wide variety of other items, so maybe he doesn't know calculators.

Better not tell him, though, in case he has some more :)

- Michael


Arrrg! I hope to find such an auction everytime I launch up ebay. No luck till now...

The best offer I found was a 16c for round about 100 Euro as "buy now". Unfortunately I was 5 minutes too late. :-(



Last year there was a VERY good HP-19C on eBay Germany with a VERY low 'Buy it now' price, I think either 25 or 50 Euros...



Don't waste your time... there are some people out there who run automated programs that continuously scan Ebay listings for any updates, particularly Buy-it-Nows which are your only chance of getting a real bargain on Ebay. Your chances of beating them to the BUY button are slim to none. One buyer in particular seems to be an insomniac, snapping up Buy-it-Now's at all hours of the day or night.



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