HP Distributor: New Calcs Are Coming


During a conversation with Paul Nelson of Calcpro, www.calcpro.com, he said that HP informed him the HP12c, HP48, and HP49 will be reissued with upgrades within a year. There is a management team from HP overseeing the project, but the actual production has been outsourced.

These new machines are coming from a set of developers who had to ask Dave Hicks, who runs this site for copies of old manuals! How these new calcs will function with just what upgrades...?

J.C. Randerson,
Laramie, Wyoming


New features on the New HP Calculators:

* Cell phone

* roaming internet access

* MP3 music player

* built in DVD player

* 3D videogames such as "lord of the rings"

* a 4-function calculator with a 4-button memory and an 'equals' button.

* digital point 'n shoot camera

* 30 seconds of camcorder capability (compressed B&W)

The top-of-the-line model sports a double-width 'ENTER' button, however its purpose is to bring up the soft-menu for the DVD player.

Asked about the feature-set not containing any trigonometric nor calculus solving capabilities, an HP executive on condition of anonymity said "MATH, you want to do MATH, ha, what's your problem chump ? Don't you know this is the internet era ? We determined that the marketplace requires this feature set, just to maintain our quarterly profit projections thru next quarter. SAY, you're not one of them engineer types who never went to business school are you, HA, I bet you were part of that fabricated moon shot hoax back in '69. "


if you have a browser, the math can be on a webpage.
simply implement all the old calcs as java applets and
everyone's happy :-)


Lots of scar tissue there Norm!!!


This idea of simulating the old calculators on a laptop
is intriguing. Does it come with a simulated furry carrying case so that I can put it into a simulated briefcase ?


Norm writes:

This idea of simulating the old calculators on a laptop is intriguing. Does it come with a simulated furry carrying case so that I can put it into a simulated briefcase?

Even better. Its simulated case comes with a belt loop so you hang the whole thing on your simulated pants.

- Michael


Well, in that case, for this simulated calculator thing,

I also want a simulated pocket protector, and a simulated necktie of bad taste, and some simulated engineer-eyeglasses.


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