Another instance of ebay madness?


I have to admit I don't understand this one at all. $112?


they don't seem to know their pricing.
I admit to buying a 48G+ (for curiosity's sake) for $115
from an internet retailer (not eBay) . But that was
fully new-in-box. Later I visit the college bookstore and they've got the same calculator for $95 . So you gotta know your prices.


The buyer's desire for things Hp extend to business calculators as well. Check their history as see they paid $32 for a used 10B, no manual and a name engraved on the back.

P.T. Barnum once said...


You might notice the small feedback numbers (0) and (3) of the two main bidders -- eBay newbies.

To think that a month ago I picked up a Buy-It-Now 48G for $45 and a week ago got a 48GX for $75. Maybe I should offer my 48G to the loser for his second place bid?

Bid low and bid often, that's the ticket.

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