HP 34C


My search for an HP 34C on ebay found this new model...


Where is the enter key??


I don't think it's RPN capable... ;-)




You guys are confused ! Let me explain.

You see, that's just the cover. You can't do the calculations until AFTER the cover has been taken off.

vaa voom ! Nice red color too.

HEY, that's the only model I like BETTER THAN the original HP-34C .


Unless it's the model with the "Do Not ENTER" key. Those suck.


You have to be careful with this model: It tends to cause a stiff drain on the battery (high capacity, of course) and possible electrolyte discharge.

Using a rubber shield can provide some prophylactic protection, but it's not 100% reliable.



Don't you agree?


Just have a look on other auctions !!!!
You will see other unknown HP number : 36A, 38D ....


Although it has been a long time since I was involved with this particular model and type - if memory serves - I believe the enter key is a set of two or more snaps located on the back of the unit.


I prefer the ENTER key on the front![nl}
P.S. sorry for lowering the tone of this fine forum.


Yes, the ENTER key is on the back. Only true professionals can use it single handed though. Then once you have it it RUN mode, watch out for the dreaded "NO means NOPeration".


Fully (con)figured, with redundancy in its implementation, parallelism in its operation, and lots of support!


Is this one of those "Spice" models I keep hearing about?

(I was going to say something in here about tactile feedback, but I guess I won't.)

- Michael


Is it one of Carly's new machines?


>Is it one of Carly's new machines?

If so, I'll bet she has no use for it herself. :-)


I agree. Its entirely too well-developed for it to be Carly's products. <G>


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