about HP41C memory module


part number HP 82106A . How do i use this. I have two and I really don't know how to use them . I don't even know if they're working. Can anyone offer some assistance.


The 82106A is a memory module for the HP-41C You can plug up to 4 of these into a 41C.

A 41CV or a 41 CX already have the equivalent of 4 of these built in, so they're no use wuth these calculators. Each module is 64 registers (from memory)

To see if they're working is not a trivial matter. Plugging these things in increaces the number of registers available. So the first thing to do is find out how many registers you have. Then plug in a module and see if you've got 64 more.

The modules lose their contents almost immediatly on removal.

Don't plug or unplug the modules while the calculator is turned on.

Removing a module in certainn circumstances will lead to MEMORY LOST.

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