HP11C display flashing- help!


The batteries in my trusty 11C finally died a few weeks ago, and I replaced them with silver oxide (303) watch batteries from Wal-Mart. After installing them, the display flashes 0.0000. The * in the lower left corner also flashes. The keys are unresponsive. Removing and replacing the batteries doesn't help. What am I doing wrong?


Danny Kight kightdm@carol.net



I think you're using the wrong batteries. You should be using 357 batteries, not the the 303 type. The 303 probably has less juice because according to the 11C manual (p. 231), "an asterisk (*) flashing in the lower left corner of the display when the calculator is on signifies that the available battery power is nearly exhausted." Since those 303s are brand new, they're probably not providing the necessary power to the calculator.

I would go back to Walmart and exchange the #303 for #357, and that should solve your problem.

Good luck! Todd



Thanks for your help. I don't have the manual anymore, and I couldn't remember what the * meant. I'll try the 357 batteries.




Earlier this week I replaced the batteries in my 10C. I put in three Duracell PX76A alkalines. Working good!! Same thing should work in an 11C.

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