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I am trying to resurrect my HP 41 system. So far have the calculator, card reader, and wand working. The printer has had a new battery installed but prints only a few very light random characters and printhead never moves all the way to left, always from center to right. After a few seconds of feeble attempts I am always greeted with the message "PRINTER ERROR" which the manual insists means if repeatable the printer should be returned to HP for repair: obviously not a viable option. The 41 shows the Printer Rom functions to exist. Printer will advance paper with the Advance button on printer. Have tried with both a 41CV and 41CX, same results each time. Any thoughts on how best to proceed, or is it trash can time for printer? The batteries are good -- but of what use without the printer? The printer was purchased around 1981/82. The battery charges properly so low voltage is not the problem.



About a week ago, in response to a question I posted about the 82240B printer, David Smith suggested opening the printer, cleaning any paper chaff, and lubricating the carriage drive gears. I don't know if that'll work in this case, but it might be worth a try.



I have an 82143A that's one of the first type and they are very sensitive to the absense of batteries when the AC adapter is connected. There is an IC (probably working in the regulator) that burns when you do it: use an AC adapter without the batteries. Or a battery with bad contact.

Mine became erratic like this.

When mine was repaired I think HP replaced the old IC with a new one, and I did not observe the former behavior so far. But now I take a lot of care when charging batteries or using it.

Not so much of help, I know, but maybe you now have a few more information.


Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil


Besides cleaning and lubricating the printer mechanism, you may have a slipping drive belt. I use a SCX-2.4 from Projector Recorder Belt Co (www.russellind.com)

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