HP-41 Dungeon of Doom / Frank Wales game help sought


Hi all. This game, one of the best for the HP-41/HP-42 IMO, is found in V8N7 of the HPCC Datafile publication, which is now available on CD ROM by the way.

Anyhow, I'm trying to get the game typed up in my HP-42 from the listing and have some questions.

I've verified the listing twice now, but it uses some synthetics to set flags at the start of the game which I obviously can't do on my 42S.

Which flags are set and which are cleared at the start of the game?

My game runs except that it does not give me direction clues about the "keys" in the game and also seems to have invisible creatures fight me when I try a direction when the door is locked.

I plan to go through the listing yet again to make sure I don't have any more typos, but any ideas would be welcome.

Does Frank have an email address somewhere?


I have several.


As the game intitializes, it generates the location of the first "key" and stores its location in R09. The program then stores 10 in R10, assigns the SUMREGs to 01 and does a CLSUM.

Foolishly, I had left the 42S in its default ALLSUM state rather than the 41 equivalent LINSUM state.

When it did the CLSUM command, it cleared out R09, which wiped out where the key was, thus bypassing the display of where the key was.

Oh well. At least now it works!

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