hp 25 simulator


In this MoHPC there is a 25 simulator


the applet code is public domain, but I don't know what to do.

Can anyone send me the working applet?

Thanks in advance. Raul


Hi Raul,

just click on the "HP-25 R/S" button on the simulate.htm page. If the button does not appear, Java may be disabled in your browser.

To see how the applet is started, look at the HTML source code of simulate.htm (View/Source command in IE):

<APPLET archive="hp25.jar" code="hp25b.class" width=64 height=64 align=left hspace=10>
<B>Java capable browser required</B>
<PARAM name="butn" value="graphics/hp25butn.jpg">
<PARAM name="data" value="graphics/hp25data.txt">
<PARAM name="face" value="graphics/hp25face.jpg">
<PARAM name="leds" value="graphics/hp25leds.gif">
<PARAM name="slid" value="graphics/hp25slid.jpg">
<PARAM name="keys" value="graphics/hp25keys.jpg">

Hope this helps. Regards,


When the page loads, the applet should load with it, though it can take a little time.

Just below the line stating "The applet code is public domain" you should eventually see a graphic of an H-P calculator "R/S" button appear. When the button shows, just "click" the button. I just did it, and it worked fine. (And it IS a cool-looking emulation!)

Good luck -- and post again if that doesn't work. (Though, I'm no HTML/Java debugger, so someone else will have to jump in!)


Thanks to Jürgen and Paul... and sorry for my bad expression.

What I need/want is to get the java code in my PC for using the emulator without Internet conection...



Send me an e-mail and I'll give you further assistance.

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