Card Reader HP65 - Need help


Trying to get my HP65 in perfect condition. The calculator's been in storage for quite som time but is in excellent condition although the battery needs replacement. I have one problem however:
Something has been loose on the inside of the card reader. I took the calculator apart and found two loose screws that attach the motor to the chassi. After fixing these, the card reader doesn't work. I know the motor used to work. What would be the first action to undertake in order to fix this?
The motor doesn't run at all - no sound - when I put a card into the reader. Any suggestions?


Have you replaced the rubber roller. They ALL turn to sticky goo that can totally jam up the reader. Instructions are available on this site and many others on the web. The other thing to check is to make sure that the red and black wires to the motor have not come unplugged from the reader circuit board.


Also check the leaf contact switch and the pads it makes contact with on the keyboard. In the HP65, one of the contacts is used to start the motor when a card is inserted. If that's not closing correctly, the motor won't start.
Carefully clean the ends of the leaf contact and the pads on the keyboard PCB with propan-2-ol (isopropyl alcohol).
I suppose it could be a problem with the sense amplifier chip on the card reader PCB (this chip also cotains the motor control circuitry) but that's a lot less likely.

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