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My motor runs faster and i get no error message on every tries when WRITING BUT i get error at every tries when READING. I have a HP-41 card reader and tried to read the cards my 67 write : i get a "card err" at the moment i enter the card... So i think my 67 reader don't really write ok. Is it possible to write somtehing on my 41 that my 67 can read to see if my hypothesis is ok?

Thanks to the poster who suggest me to retract the motor from is seat : it works great on my speed.

Any other suggestions?

Thanks again!


These are the symptoms of the dreaded tantalum capacitor failure.

Someone who has actually replaced one should be able to help you identify it and suggest a suitable replacement.

Thanks Malcolm


The HP41 cannot make cards that the 67/97 can read. The capcitor failure mentioned above only affects reading of cards.

Check that the three card reader leaf switches are opening and closing properly. Trace the pads on the back of the keyboard where the gold switch fingers on the reader connect down to the pins on the end of the keyboard. There are three of them (motor, head, and write protect). Measure the resistance of the pins to ground. As you insert and remove a card, the switches should close and open in sequence. If the switch fingers are not adjusted properly they may hang open or closed or be intermittent. Adjusting one finger may affect another one, so it can be rather tedious to get them all set correctly.


To David,

He is saying he has a problem reading not writing.

Isn't this the symtom of the capacitor failure?

I think he needs a little help in identifying which capacitor and what to replace it with.

I would help but I haven't done it.

Thanks Malcolm


I found these problems by your tips on my card reader :

1- I glue my clutch as you said
2- I change a capacitor for reading
3- I change my orings for fuel tubing
4- I rotate the ajuster/screwdriver pin for tension
4- I ajust the contact with my ohmeter and 2 of the leaf
were seeadily in contact, i lower them.

I GET IT WORK - I LOVE YOU ALL - I'm so sorry that i can't help you the same way you did; i'm too much a beginner with HP repairing/using!

It's very difficult to get all these adjustements work in combinations, i think you need a little luck.

Now if someone can tell me how to do the same job on a mint SR-52 with gummy wheel... ;-) I have a lot of card for it...

The little problem that still subsist on my 67 is that i need to pass a NEW card 3 times before really writing on it because the pulling is not regular. Th first time a card is pass, i can see some "tire" mark on the side of the card like morse code. After 4 passes, all the side is mark and the card pass regulary and reading/writing is 100% ok. What to to to correct this problem?

Thanks again!


You may have residue from the old roller spread through the reader mechanism. You should also clean the head.

Uneven pulling of the card can be due to the fuel line not being perfectly round and/or the hole not being centered. Or the work gear may not be aligned perfectly with the motor shaft (common when gluing a decomposing cluth). These problems causes the reader to make a pulsing URR URR URR URR sound as the card is read.

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