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I just had a friend that knows of my affliction hand me a great advertising brochure on the entire Hp line from 1976. It's about 9" x 25" and is a 7 panel fold-out in pristine condition with the exception of a rubber stamped name of a retailer on the back. I was wondering who, if anyone was scanning these or similar items for the Museum. I think I once read were Chris in Florida was maintaining a log of advertising?

The item is Pub. No. 5952-6081D 10/76

Suggestions for a good use (other than wallpaper) welcome.


Get it scanned and let us all have a look!

Thanks in advance...



if you can, scan it send me. I'll find a way to put it in a page where it can be downloaded from. Also, it would be better for me if each e-mail does not go beyond 600KBytes. I think the best resolution will allow two to three pages for each e-mail.

Let me know.

Best regards.

Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil


Thanks guys.

I'll get it scanned. Luiz, maybe I'll post on my site so you can download instead. I'll send you a link when I'm done. It will be about 11 images when finished.


...hang it up in your office/cubicle/whatever. That would really get peoples' attention, and you might wrangle a couple more members out of the general public...


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