9114B battery


I've seen (and read) previous threads in this forum regarding this issue, but haven't read about the recovery of a "no too dead" battery.

************* FOR YOUR SAFETY ********************

First of all, some of the activities depicted in here involves the handling of corrosive sulphuric acid (O4H2S) so EXTREME care sould be taken to avoid eyes/skin/clothes... or whatever contact with acid.

This procedure is for your knowledge only, and any attempt to reproduce what I explain in here shall be done at your own risk, and taking whatever precaution is needed.

What I did:

A few days ago I received my 9114B, as the battery pack was dead I removed it and plugged a bench power supply (6,8v and up to 4A) to the inside connector: the drive worked fine... so far so good, then I turned to the battery pack just to realize that it is a 88014A instead of the 88014B.

Despite of that I opened it, took the Panasonic LCR-226 battery and pry the top cover away (a good cutter and a lot patient needed), under the cover there is a transparent plastic piece with a pair of ultrasonic welded posts that holds three rubber caps each of wich was "sealing" a Lead-Acid cell.

Once the plastic and the caps were removed, I can put some acid solution (1cc or so on each cell) I took it from my car's battery using a syringe.

The cellulose inside the cell still looks fairly dry so I decided to drop some (another 2cc + or -) distilled water in it.

Put the caps back and the plastic piece on its place, some cyano-acrilate (superglue) here and there and 24 hours 100mA deep, deep charge and the battery is back to (a fairly healthy) live.

I've done some dozens of write/read operations for the last two days and the three led charge gauge has always been on...

...Nevertheless I'm in need of some help.

1.- Does somebody have the schematics for the 88014B? (I've read elsewhere it has a more elaborated charging circuit, and I'd like to reproduce it)

2.- Did someone try to fit an 88014B circuit in a 88014A housing? Does it use the same SLA 6v 2'4Ah battery?

3.- Will a regulated (e.g. LM723) supply do the job without the need of a battery? (I'm not going to use it outdoor)

4.- Am I the only mad guy trying to "manufacture" his own
Power/Batery Packs? (Ok... you don't have to answer this last question :-)

Thanks in advance, and kind regards from the Canary Islands.


Hi Diego,

1.- I have reverse engineered the schematics of both charging circuits. Do you want both or only version B?

2.- Version B fits in version A and vice versa. And its the same battery type in both versions.




I would like the schematics that you mention, both versions if that is possible. If you can, use my e-mail address in this post.

Thank you.


Hello Andreas and thanks a lot for your fast answer. I've already made my own schematic for the 88014A version (the one I have) as the circuit is really simple.

So I'd only need the "B" versión to compare and (as you say it fits in the "A" enclosure) to make and populate the PCB.

You can use my mail address in the header of any of my messages to contact me.

Best regards from the Canary Islands.


Hello, Andreas;

I was just waiting for the chance to ask you again for the schematics. As I mentioned before, I lost almost everyhting in my e-mail box, and many attached information were not saved. Concluding: I no longer have the schematics, too.

My battery pack is the 88014B type, but I would like knowing the differences between both. As I also mentioned before, I deal with analog and digital electronics (also digital logic) and I think that the more information you have, the better.

Thank you very much.

Best regards

luiz C. Vieira - Brazil


Hi Luiz,

it's on the way.


Well Andreas, it seems that you've got to make a lot of people happy with your info. I'm glad to be one of them, and to serve as a "usable" link for others to contact you :-)

By the way, the drawings look superb, nice job!!

Cheers from the Canaries.


No problem. If I can help. You're welcome.


Unless you are VERY desparate and stranded on a desert island, I would definitely NOT recommend trying to revive the old battery. Once they go dead, they have a very limitied capacity and life when revived. Also you risk leaking battery acid into the machine... not good. Replacement batteries for the 9114B pack cost are very readily available and usually cost around $12-$15.


Well David you're "almost" rigth... about the desert island I mean... :-)

I live in the Canary Islands and I must say it's a really nice place for living: the best of the weathers, sunny beaches all around the year... but you only have two suppliers of electronic components, and none of them had "the" battery nor something similar enough to fit in its place.

Nevertheless, I've got to order a pair of new batteries through one of the shops. They will take about 6 weeks to be here and will blow me 20€ off each... :-(

The battery I "repaired" was a little bit shaken during its travel from US so part of the electrolite was spilled inside the batery cover, (I cleaned this *really* carefully)
so I decided to make a try and refill the cells, as the cellulose inside the cells was inmaculate white: (this tends to turn light-brown due to PbO2 degradation). After that the CyanoAcrylate hermetically sealed the top cover again, so no acid is going to find a path to the drive innards nor even the mere pack.

But I have to repeat: you were right... I was REALLY desperate!! :-)))

Thanks all of you for the posts and keep this HP spirit running!!


If you like... In Spain you can buy similar batteries... I buyed recently 3 batteries in Málaga (1 for the 9114B and 2 for both HP-110+)

There are not exactly the same but have exactly the same size

DiaMec DM6-2.8

Greetings, Saludos


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