HP-85 software


Does anyone know of any sites that have archived software for the HP 85?

I just got the Lifutil program running on an older DOS machine and am now able to convert, store, and send lif programs in a DOS file.

My HP-85 is interfaced to a 9121D 3.5” disk drive and I also have a 82901M 5.25” drive.

Of the math, statistics, and standard pacs I own I was only able to salvage 4 programs from the standard pac and none from the other tapes because of eof and read problems.

Does anyone have copies of these or other HP 85 programs they could share? I would be glad to share what I have but for now I only have these programs: Timer, Ski, Amort, and one other.



email: rhahm@nycap.rr.com


A very limited collection of programs exists at

I have the HP 85 Standard pac *manual*, and I have typed in 1-2 programs from that one (calendar functions and histogram generator). I am waiting for someone to send me the rest so that I can put up a disk image (like the one for the 87).

Its very depressing that the old tapes fall apart, a lot of information is lost despite the fact that the media are still around. Shame!



I forgot that I have the Math Pac as well (its not up on the Web site because I have to xfer the programs from 5.25 diskettes and the 87 with the 5.25 diskettes is currently in storage (http://www.series80.org/Pictures).

As soon as I have the programs, I'll scan the manual and put everything on-line.


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