Shipping for HP15C on eBay


Now here is a different one:

We can't sometimes believe how high the prices go. Well, here is an ingenious idea how to make even more, how about to charge $45 for shipping within US and that doesn't include insurance. I even asked the question if it is a typo and got a blunt answer: "The auction says shipping & handling to any of the 48 U.S. states is $45.00" !!!!
I bet someone will get cought into this trap.
Here is the link:


This is the kind of moron that really makes me mad. I mean, $45 for shipping??? Give me a break..



This is called "fee avoidance" on eBay and is against eBay's policies. I reported it and ebay indicates it's already been reported and they're looking into it. ebay no likey when you charge shipping fees that they don't make a percentage of...


even if the final auction price was $1 on a mint hp35.


PS - Thanks for reporting that dirtbag, Mark! I figured he was more planning on someone overlooking that little part and getting blackmailed into paying it under penalty of negative feedback.


I asked him if I could issue a UPS call tag and he replies..

I will not accept a UPS call tag!!! Buckeye Country is the Ohio State Buckeyes Football Team NATOINAL CHAMPIONS !!!!!!


I sent the seller a quick question asking if the shipping charge of $45 was a typo. He replied that it was not a typo. Then I asked why so much. You can read the entire exchange below. Interesting.

BTW, I asked e-bay a couple of days ago if it was against their rules. Got the form response that they will look into it.


> wrote:

> Just a quick question. Is the $45 shipping charge a typo? If not,
> why so much?

justraspberry wrote:

> There is no misprint $45 is the shipping & handling !!

Dave Mabry <> wrote:

Why so much? I'm just curious. I looked at your other auctions and you
had much more reasonable shipping charges. Is there something about
this calculator that makes it cost you more to ship?

justraspberry wrote:

Shipping & handling is just $45.00...That is all the information necessary.


What is strange is that his/hers/its other auctions have a proper shipping charge.


Ultimately, to an intelligent buyer this should make no difference at all. When I bid, I take into account the full cost of the transaction, not just the bid amount. For example, I will bid higher on local items where I have agreed with the seller beforehand that I can pick the item up, rather than paying to have it shipped.

If others don't take total cost of ownership into account, then frankly that's their problem, IMO. Since the shipping amount is disclosed up front, I don't see it as putting anyone at a disadvantage, provided it applies to everyone equally.


Someone should ask him if he would forgo the delivery charge if an arrangement is made to pick it up. I asked him if I could send ups to pick it up and he flat out said NO! He does not strike me as someone who believes in being nice to a prospective customer. Quite the contrary.


It's only a new way to make more and more money whithout suffering. It's like psychological prices in shops. We are all enough intelligent not to be disturbed by these prices like $99,99 but the question is "why do sellers continue to mark such prices ???"

Excuse my bad american langage practice .... my company decided to send me for a training


It's like psychological prices in shops. We are all enough intelligent not to be disturbed by these prices like $99,99 but the question is "why do sellers continue to mark such prices ???"

Because they work. People think 99 is noticeably cheaper than 100 because we are all endowed with a fuzzy sense of the relative sizes of numbers beyond about three, and so we give more weight to the most significant digits to help us get a sense of the quantities involved.

So, with 99 versus 100, '9' is clearly less than '10', and that kind of rough estimate is good enough for most things we have to do. The bigger the number gets, the harder we have to work to retain a sense of the true differences with any accuracy, and this makes it quite natural for us to think of 99 as significantly less than 100. It's not about intelligence, but about our apparent evolutionary heritage, since animals appear to have the same problems with precise counting beyond about three that we do.

(A good book on this topic is 'The Number Sense' by Stanislas Dehaene -- it's expensive, but worth the read.)

If you are genuinely unaffected by the difference between 99.99 and 100 in your buying behaviour, you are in a minority. Similarly, if your buying behaviour is unaffected by advertising, you are in a minority. Even though most people claim it doesn't affect them, it does anyway. (Try this thought experiment: you have to choose between two products, neither of which you've purchased before. Both appear to be of equal quality, and both are the same price. One is from a well-known company that advertises on TV; the other is from a company you've never heard of. Which one do you pick? Why?)


This is going to show my age, but there's actually another very important reason for having prices like $9.99 instead of $10. Back in the old days, when people had to actually make change rather than have a computer/register calculate it for them, this was a way to make it harder for someone to siphon money out of the till. The theory was, that keeping track of all those .99's and .95's would make it much harder for someone to keep track of the running total in their head. I'm not sure it worked, but that was the theory.

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