The 'HolyGrail' of HP calculators...


Well, I have the 'bug' now! I have a 12C and would love to get my hands on a nice 16C. However, since I was in high school, I've wanted a HP67. I sat down and did a lot of reading here at this site (great info) and found out about the HP41.

Guys, if you were looking and wanted to have a nice machine in your arsenal, where would you invest in? Would you go for one of the HP41 variants or for a 67?

Just wanted to ask for some oppinions. I realize that there will be many different opinions, but what do you guys think?



Depends on what you want to do. As an item to behold
and covet, the HP-67 is right up there. For myself, I
prefer the utility of the HP-41C and system. I have
many HP-IL peripherals, HP-41 modules, and use my HP-41CX
every day. I also use my HP-16C at work _a lot_.

Bottom line: Each person has their own "Holy Grail", and
you'll have to decide for yourself. If you always wanted
an HP-67, sounds like that's what you should look for. Me,
I always wanted an HP-19C. No real justification, just
lusted after it at the time, and still think it's cool.



You're in trouble now.

I've got many of them, including some newer stuff. My choice for daily use is a 41C.


most of my friends would warn you this is a very bad sign; seek treatment....

actually, from a collecting perspective i think you just have to go with your instincts. one mans obsolesence is anothers treasure. from a user standpoint, i don't think you can go wrong with interest in the 41. they are plentiful, with numerous options like modules, peripherals, and software. there remain a couple programs in my library unique to the 41, too infrequently used to port to another platform. my most used computational tool at work or home though is the 100lx and 200lx.

my 41 cents,


I have both the 41 and 67. I love the versitility of the 41, but I actually use the 67 at work based on the fact that a) it does everything I need a calc to do b) most importantly, the coolness factor. I love the way the 67 feels and operates, and it looks darned cool...


I love the LED display, and the features it has are very useful. Quartz timer, conversions, etc.

The 15C would be a close second.



Toughest to get was the HP-70. If not for a friend who has found THREE in the past, I wouldn't have that one today.

The 16c shows up on ebay from time to time. I got one for $60 a few weeks ago...still not sure why it didn't get bid up higher.

I managed to get a 41c s/n 1932A... with all the bugs. That was a holy grail for a long time.

The 19C is a personal favorite and I'm pleased mine works still!

The 35 red dot has to be one of the toughest things to find, other than that mythical never released HP-95C, but I rule that is out-of-bounds because it was never really out there! :-)



If you want it for daily use - go for the 41 (or an 11/15). These are the ones I reach for first. In terms of what you can get on Ebay for functionality and price/availability, I think the 41 series wins hands-down.

re: "where would you invest in?" If you want to invest (i.e. hope for some return), the 67 (or others mentioned in some of the posts) might be better.



I deal with HP calculators since 1982, but I got into contact with them in 1978, when I saw and played with an HP21. I had a few models in the beguining of this century (2000) but I could afford buyin used models and new ones in 2001; now I just dare dreamming of them.

I own many RPN models: 25, 31, 55, 41C/CV/CX, 42S, 11C, 12C, 15C, 16C, and the RPL ones: 28S, 48SX/G/G+, 49G. The financials 17BII and 19BII were bought for learning and teaching and, perhaps, writing a book. Too late: no more available as new ones, no one will print a book about an equipment that cannot be bought as new. Oh, yes, I also have some HP41 stuff and an HP82240B IR printer.

Hard to select a "Holy Grail" in this team. IF, and only IF I have to select a stand-alone for science in general, I'd go for the HP48G+ mostly because I can buy another if it's lost or stollen. Any other will be hard to replace. If the HP15C is a choice, I'd go for it instead the HP41. The HP41 needs enhancements, say, plug-in devices to be a powerfull piece. If you add an Advantage ROM to the HP41 then you'll have all Voyagers at once (does Advantage have financial functions too? I don't know). If you add an HPIL to the HP41 you'll allow it to talk to the world.

If my Holly Grail is based on the HP41, I'd add an Advantage ROM and that's all. But it will be far from one resource: LCD graphics.

And I am almost sure an HP41 with an Advantage ROM is a lot more expensive than a fresh new HP48G+. And let's face it, guys: I don't care walking with an HP48G+ in my pocket, but I'd be dam scared and cautious if I have an HP41CV/CX with an Advantage ROM im my pocket... Wouldn't you?

My US0.15 contribution.

Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil


The 48GX (1,25Mb)well customized, is invincible,

The 42S is the non-graphics best. And easy to use.

BUT... the 15C is magic!

Just my opinion



The 42s is crap and the 15c is even worse!!!
If you have one and haven't used it, dump it or better yet, just contact me!!!

These are two of Hp's worst. I would take either off anyones hands so as to releive them of the burdon of owning such Hp CRAP!!

Regards, and such a nice GUY
Ron Ross


Yes, I own these two craps... a pity.

And one of them is very impatient waiting for its new case ;-)

Raul (thanks!)


... someone is begging for a new toy.... ;-)


Not exactly a toy but a synthetic leather case for one of my toys...(Thanks again to Ron)



Hi Joe:

You said, "Well, I have the 'bug' now!".

If this is true (sorry if it is - I know how you feel), then your only viable answer is BOTH OF THEM.

If you think this won't happen - just wait!

- Mike



Tell me about it!! I want, I want, I want...

Oh hell, its only money right? :)

Thanks to all...



... an intensive-care place for addicted people. In fact, this site encourages us to believe we're the cure.

Anyway, you're in the right place to tell your tales about HP calculators, and in the worst place to ask for help getting rid of them.

Welcome... take a seat. There are many around here.

Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil


You almost have it right. This site is a sort of Alcoholics Anomymous for calculator addicts.


AA members believe that alcoholism is a chronic disease, thus no one is ever "cured", no matter how long it has been since their last drink. Therefore AA concentrates on coping techniques and mutual help by others in the same situation.


Does the above paragraph resemble this site and its inhabitants?

Repeat after me: "My name is Michael, and I'm a calcoholic."

- Michael


... at least most of them... , say, most of us!



No cure for this disease.

The problem is, nobody here would buy into a program with only 12 steps!


Patrick writes:

The problem is, nobody here would buy into a program with only 12 steps!

The program is only 12 steps, but the execution time can be very long!

- Michael


Yes, you DO NEED BOTH of them. You cannot live without them. Your life is meaningless without them. Look deep into my eyes. Buy, buy, buy. Also you REALLY should have an HP97 or three...

I have six HP41 machines that I use regularly (one upstairs, one downstairs, one in the workshop, one in the office, and one in each car. They are all cosmetically challenged with rebuilt battery contacts, case engravings, chipped battery holders, etc. They just keep on ticking.


. . . just make sure to watch out for the bunny rabbit!



First things first. What's your budget? My calculator budget is pretty tight, so here's the route I took:

Bought a well-used HP45 (I love the LEDs) on eBay for $45. Worked on it a bit and now it's very nice.

I studied like hell on this site until I decided I wanted a 32S or a 32SII. Saw the prices on eBay and thought to myself: "Not gonna happen, Cap'n!" They were like $250 for a $71 calculator! Blimey. So I started to think along different lines... People on MoHPC tend not to like the HP48s as much. They're bigger and slower, but they have a ton of capability. So I looked up HP48s on eBay and the 48Gs are selling for around $40. Nice. Even if you only use 1/4 of the features and the rest sit there and rot, it is not such a shame, right?

Take advantage of the fact that they're not collectible and use the hell out of it. They still have that great HP construction, keyboard, etc. Also, it is very nice to see the stack as you work with it.

As I said below, I'd like to have an hp 55 some day. I would also like a 10C, 11C, or 15C. Until I stumble across one in a pawn shop, thrift store, or garage sale, I will be happy with the two I have. My 48G will run circles around the 15C in performance, and the 45 will run circles around the 15C in the 'character' department. The beauty is that I got them BOTH for half the price of a 15C or 32SII on eBay.



I think you get the right idea. I am thinking of buying a few 48's as they are cheap right now. I have an SX and a GX already but more doesn't hurt. I never did like the 15C or 42S nor that I like the 32 or 32SII much. I have a 32SII bought brand new about 7 years ago for $58. I rarely used it may be I should sell it to buy a replacement card reader for my 41CV and a couple of 41CX Opt. 001.
I had the 28C just for curiousity. Didn't like it and gave it to my sister.
I bought the 34C in 79. Took it home learned all the functions on it in a week and returned it to buy a better one. I went for the 41C (which later got stolen) but missed the 97 very much. I recently got the a 97 as a gift.
My first calculator was the 25 I bought late 75. Used it for a couple of years then the battery went dead. I tried to run the thing with the charger only and the display went flickering. I figured well if I put a capacitor where the battery is I could get the thing to work. I blew the machine that way as I now know the capacitor helped raised the voltage up to around 10VDC... I threw the thing away...
Now I wish I have an HP-25....


A capacitor in place of the battery! OUCH!



The 9100a.


I can't believe that y'all have forgotten about the REAL Holy Grail of HP calculators.

The obvious Holy Grail of HP Calculators is
the HP 9100A, followed closely by the 9100B.

These machines are the 'big brothers' of all the handheld
machines y'all are so excited about. These machines were
miracles of their day, using all-transistor construction, magnetic core memory, a totally unique ROM based on bleeding-edge circuit board technology, a CRT-display, and a very unique wire-rope ferrite microcode sequence store.
And...even with all of this, these machines are still very capable, and are faster in many cases than the fancy-schmantzy handheld calculators of the '70's and '80's.

'60's technology rules :-)

Rick Bensene
The Old Calculator Web Museum

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