Can anyone advise on how I could replace a broken LCD Display from my 11C? I've removed the back but can't see how to remove the PCB.

Also anyone know where could I purchase a replacement display from?

I would be grateful for any advice on this.



I have taken a 12C apart that had "coffee damage"; I actually had to cut the heat stakes in order to remove the keyboard PCB. I was able to reliably reassemble the machine afterwards because enough of the heat stakes remained so that I could melt them with a small soldering iron.

Although this was a recent 12C (1995 I think) I believe the principles are the same with your 11C.

As for the replacement display, I'm not aware of any source; one meaningful advice I read here on several occasions was that you should try to locate a similar vintage 12C (the display has changed slightly over the years so its important to get a 12C from the same year or thereabouts) and use its display as a replacement.




Thanks for the info

Chris S.

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