CHPC founded in Zagreb, Croatia!


An important message from Croatia to the rest of the world:

CHPC (Croatian HPclub) has been founded here in Zagreb on 19th March 2003, at 18:00 (6 PM) C.E.T, at the very dawn of the World War III.

This important event can no doubtfully be compared with the one in 1939 when Mr. Bill and Mr. Dave founded the company of a well-known name, which produced the best products in the world, known for their quality, durability and attention of every detail. The company kept to this policy for a very long time. Unfortunately, they have finally left their commitment to quality and satisfaction of their customers (who adored their products) for unknown reasons...

The goals of the CHPC are as follows:

1. To save the memories to something which is known nowadays as the oldHP,

2. To promote the way of life and way of RPN thinking approach, which was once in the past given as a gift to all of the CHPC members by the oldHP,

3. To preserve the knowledge of old arts, such as keystroke programming and RPL programming, in fact, any programming, for the generations to come,

4. To help the future generations understand and appreciate the passion of their predecessors,

5. To make the world a better place for living in every aspect, as far as it is possible today, though without any new oldHPs in the sight.

Membership fee is set at fixed 414248 EUR for the first 67 years, subject to the special discount price of 100 per cent for the first ten thousand members.

Money donations are accepted only from our Nigerian, Zimbabwean and Congoan friends (who have recently made such offers) and only in amounts of one million US$ and above, mailed to the club address in cashable cheques. Other persons may donate coconuts, spices and hawkeys, if they wish (though it is not likely to be expected).

Any Croatian citizen who adores RPN and/or RPL and the way they are implemented on oldHPs is invited to become a CHPC member. Anybody from abroad who shares the same feelings and possesses a recommendation of at least two present CHPC Croatian members may become an international CHPC member.

At the present time the CHPC has two Croatian members and one international. Other members are invited to join the CHPC.

Long live the CHPC! Long live the RPN way of life! Long live the ENTER key!

Nenad (CHPC #1)

Hrast (CHPC #2)

At Zagreb, 19th March 2003


You guys made it! Congratulations!

What should I do do be a member? Move to Croatia? Tell me if there is a school so I can teach there!

That's serious: what should I do?

If there is something I have created and written about HP calculators that you believe is usefull, I'll be glad to send it to be stored amongst your files.

Just let me know what to do.


Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil


.. and I don't really know you that well, so I guess I'm out of the loop, eh? That is a shame. :(

Otherwise, I don't suppose I could talk you and your friend to nominate me to yourselves for membership, could I? ;)

See you around.


> CHPC (Croatian HPclub) has been founded here in Zagreb on 19th March 2003, at 18:00

Actually, it was 18:01 because we were very busy eating and drinking :-)


Hey, you guys are the best! Way to go!

My Grand-Dad was from Zagreb a long time ago (his name was Trgovcic, perhaps Serbian? but no matter). I was given a seat at the stammtisch by the Croatian guys who run the "Yugoslavian Restaurant" in Burghausen, Germany... does that count?

I'd love to be in, go "ENTER"!

Best regards,

Dan M
Bellows Falls, Vermont


Yes, Dan, of course, you are cordially invited. You may even apply for a full (Croatian) membership, but in that case you will have to pay a membership fee of 0,00 kn instead of 0,00 USD.

You may expect an invitation letter from our club secretary.

Best regards,

Nenad (CHPC #1)


Sign me up.

I stayed in Zagreb for a day or two almost exactly 30 years ago when our college Glee Club made a tour of (then) Yugoslavia.

Since I've been there, and have half a dozen RPN calcs, I hope I qualify. Shall I send you my $0.00 dues by paypal?


Nenad and Hrast wrote:

> An important message from Croatia to the rest of the world

Nazdravlje! Svima im na ovom mjestu izražavam svoju prijateljsku zahvalnost.

> Membership fee is set at fixed 414248 EUR

Izgleda da se potkrala pogreška u cijenama koje ste nam naznacili...

Vrlo nam je žao što Vam moramo saopciti da smo insolventni :-)


Jordi Hidalgo

HPCC #1046 ( ... i CHPC #?? ;-)


> Nazdravlje! Svima im na ovom mjestu izra?avam svoju prijateljsku zahvalnost.

> Izgleda da se potkrala pogre?ka u cijenama koje ste nam naznacili...
Vrlo nam je ?ao ?to Vam moramo saopciti da smo insolventni :-)

Don't take this the wrong way, please, but I hope the monthly magazines (à la PPCCJ) are published in Esperanto...

...aux gxi estos tre malfacile kompreni! 8^)



This is the e-mail address for application ...

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