HP-41CX Manuals for $90?


Just saw this auction on eBay:

CX Manuals for $90

Crazy, isn't it?


Of course it's crazy. Especially since you can get those manuals for a small fraction of that amount from the Museum's CD/DVD set.

And dozens of other menus, too.



>Of course it's crazy. Especially since you can get those >manuals for a small fraction of that amount from the >Museum's CD/DVD set.
>And dozens of other menus, too.

This is not the point with these auctions (like the crazy prices for HP32-II calcs as well). These manuals are not
for reading - in this case a PDF would be sufficient, but for *having*, because everything concerning HP calcs promises to rise in value in the future. A PDF is worthless

Be also aware that exactly for the prospect of further rises
there are individual who attempt to keep the prices as high as possible already now. There will always be idiots who buy at such prices.



Well... in three days he/she spent US $633.00 for a Zenrom module and US $106.50 for "HP-41 ADVANCED PROGRAMMING TIPS by K. Jarett"... less than US $90.00 for the manuals isn't too much in this perspective.
Let's not pay too much attention to those crazy people (IMHO).



A pair of CX manuals usually brings less than $30 on Ebay. There seems to be a pair on auction at any given time. They seem to be slightly more common than the C/CV manuals. Some people just don't bother doing their homework (check the completed auctions prices) or they just GOTTA have it NOW.

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