hp41 emulator card.


HP 41CV Emulator Application Card for the HP 48SX Calculator! (HP part #82210A). Are you aware of that? Is that only working with the "SX" or does it work with the "GX"? Thanks in advance Thib.


I have one of these.

I already had a GX.

I bought an SX to go with it.

And that's what you have to do, I'm afraid.


And how is it? Is it worth to buy the card + the SX? TIA, Thib.


If you don't mind a different keyboard, no synthetics, inability to use existing hardware, and the possibility of writing your own extensions, then yes, its great.


It is quite easy to program some of the "missing" CX commands, (some are rather tedious) but the emulator also includes many of the CX Commands and even the synthetics can be programmed using the 48 RPL, in which - I hope - you are familiar with. BTW: Many 41 ROMs consist of "User language" programs instead of full assembly and these can be loaded into 41 and modified. Then they can be transferred to the emulator, too! Have fun!

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