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I have a HP 65 calculator that needs minor repair. There is a sound - a loose screw? - in the magnetic card reader. Can anyone advice me on where I can get help to fix this problem, preferably in Europe. Also in need of new battery.


Bengt, have a look at the 17th March entries under my name about batteries.
As for taking the HP65 apart it all unscrews, Iv'e taken apart my 35,45,67,41C,41CV with no problems.
You have to be careful with the srews when you put them back so as not to cross thread, TIP!! run them anti-clockwise with light pressure applied until they click and drop a threads distance, then they will go in nicely.
As to the real problem, you will not know what is is until you strip it down. Where are you in Europe??.
Can you strip it and then post a new message?.


Thanks for the reply. Don't feel too comfortable to take my HP 65 apart but will try it out. Read your posting regarding batteries. I would like to preserve the calculator in original condition i.e use the battery pack and find Ni-Cd batteries that fit in the pack. Any ideas? I live in Sweden.


The biggest problem in disassebling the HP65 is the two two screws under thwe upper corners of the label. You can get to them without too much problem by very carefully sliding a razor blade under each upper corner. You want to lift about 1/2 inch of label. Try for a gentle curve in the label. A sharp fold will leave a more visible mark in the label when you put it back together. When reassembling the machine I do NOT replace the label screws... otherwise you risk more damage to the label the next time you repair the machine.

Usually the label adhesive will be sticky enough to hold down the corners again, but sometimes you need to glue them down. I use a rubber contact cement that you paint on the calculator case and the label, let dry, and the rub the corners back down. Before applying the contact cement, clean off the old adhesive with alcohol. Make sure the contact cement does not pool in the seam of the lifted label corners.

The top two screws are under the little green plugs. Remove them by sliding the razor blade under the BOTTOM edge of the plug and gently prying it out. Do not pry from the sides or top of the plug.

The bottom two screws are under the bottom rubber feet. These feet are actually little hinged flaps. Only the inner side of each foot is held down. Just lift the outer edge of each foot with a small flat blade to get to the screws.

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