Soft Forth for the HP-71B


In a recent thread, I mentionned the existence of the soft Forth for the HP-71B (soft Forth means that it can be used in a standard RAM or EPROM module).

I looked into my archive and recovered the Soft Forth. Version is VER$='SFTH:E'. When I enter Soft Forth by executing 'SFTFORTH', 'HP-71 Soft FORTH E' message is displayed. I also have a preliminary manual (release 2.4, dated Feb 3, 1986).

Does someone have a more recent version of Soft Forth code and/or manual, or an application built with Soft Forth?

Thanks for any information.



Sorry, I have no Soft Forth. Only a question: T'a le temps pour le rencontre à Berne? See



Could you make those files available?


Can you make "soft forth" available?

Is it a LEX file?


Soft Forth needs a 64k RAM module (not 2 x 32k, a real 64k one). It is made of 2 files: a SFTFORTH LEX file and a FORTHEADER FORTH file. It creates a FORTHSYS FORTH file as the first RAM file (similar to FORTHRAM with the FORTH/ASS module).

From what I understood from the documentation, the Forth module is still needed to develop the application. Soft Forth is only a way to make Forth based applications that can run without the Forth module.

Actually, I never run Soft Forth until a few days ago, because I don't have a 64k RAM module. I used my Emu71 to test it (I modified Emu71 to emulate 64k/128k module, just in order to test Soft Forth!).

I read the original 17 years old floppy disk without any problem, I even didn't have a backup copy!

I will put some information on my site soon. I will let you now.



Please let us know when you make it available (would you mind emailing me a copy sooner?).

I have a 128k RAM you think it will work with that?




Monsier Garnier

Where is you Web page?





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