Forget Yahoo, here's where I wish I invested my money!


Imagine you bought 1000 of these at cost in the 80's! Wow,



Then you'd have been Zengrange. :-)

I believe the production run was 1,000 units, and I think that's all that got made. As I said to one of the other programmers the other day, we need to figure out a way to get a royalty on these prices. :-)


If you had bought 1000 of them back when they were new, you would have lost money big time... I think they were around $300 new. Only doubling your money over a 20 year time frame is a rather poor investment.


Actually, Zenrom was 99 dollars from EduCalc, according to Datafile V3N6. Still, had just one person bought them all at the time, I guess they wouldn't be so sought-after now. :-)


My wife gave me a big hug when three years ago I sold my extra one on ebay for $127.00 ... sigh.


Well, you might have gotten less money, but certainly better "interest".

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