HP31E for 22EUR on eBay


A question to eBay experts:

Auction No. #2917340815, HP31E, buy-it-now EUR 22. As I understand, the machine has not been tested.

No bids yet, for about three days. I do not understand why?

Normally, this would be considered as a bargain and sold in a few hours after the auction begins, when the first of us here sees this.

BTW, I don't have any relations with the seller. Just curious.


Tested 'Buy it now' and got this message (?!):
Dear Bidder/Buyer
This item is restricted to pre-approved bidders/buyers.
You may place a bid or buy the item once this seller has
approved you. In order to get approved, you'll need to
contact the seller and request to be added to the pre
approved bidder/buyer list for this item


Hi Emmanuel,

I looked at the auction,
and I think it isn't too much of a bargain,
because of the corroded battery contacts.
Ok, the calc seems to look good from the top,
but do you know if it even works?
My Spanish isn't good enough to understand the seller's expanation;-)




The message says: "Not tested for lack of a suitable power supply"




Many thanks for enlighting!




I have found Spice machines to be the absolute worst about comming in defective. Most of them have bad corrosion problems. Also broken battery contacts. Also broken battery flex cables. Also broken battery doors. Also broken screw posts. Also very bad design of the chip compression contacts. Unless you know what you are getting into I would NOT recommend buying ANY spice series machine that was not fully tested by a knowledgeable person.

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