HP-41 Software Moduls


Hello all,

visited the forum for the first time and am wondering if someone can shed some light on two HP 41 software moduls.
First Modul

TOMSROM 1: No writing on the module, no additional info. Didn't have time to look at the code yet but will do this eventually.

Second Modul:
ASTRO: Developed for or by E K Surveying Inc. Could not find this company on the internet, probably it doesn't exist any more.

Any help is appreciated.


Robert, San Jose CA


i believe that tomsrom is a construction oriented surveying program written by a guy in the marin-sonoma area. it and d'zign software was popular with people in the operating engineers union around here. sorry, but i no longer know anyone with a manual.

i never heard of the astro rom but it is no doubt a program to take shots of the sun or polaris and with ephemeris data and the exact time it will give you the orientation to astronomical north. are you sure it was not K&E?


I have both modules with manuals. If needed I could scan manuals in Adobe PDF. I am often a little slow to get things scanned ... I can scan it at work during lunch, when I am not working through lunch.


Thanks to your responses. The company name might be E&K, I have to check again.

Chris, thanks for "volunteering" to scan the manuals. I would like get my hands on them. You can contact me at rhaefe(at)myway(dot)com and we can arrange the datails.



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